How can in4me2 on SMS help me?

Historically, there have not been many ways in which you as a grower or haulier can view information related to your deliveries. The information currently provided via email or web does not give you much and can be very expensive. What you do get is almost always a day late and most of what you get is not useful to you.

To make matters worse you do not spend much time in the office, and when you do, the frustrations of dealing with slow internet connections causes you to give up.

Why has in4me2 on SMS been developed?

in4me2 on SMS is a first for the South African Sugar Industry. Never before have you had the luxury of receiving meaningful information related to your deliveries on your cellphone.

What does this mean to you?

  • You can now use the information to manage better, easier

  • You do not need to be in the office to get information

  • When something has happened, you know about it immediately, even if you are on holiday

  • You choose the information you want

  • It is extremely cost effective

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