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SMS Product Price SMS Code Price SMS Code
Daily Delivery Summary R 5 per day* SUMMARY R 5 per sms** DAILY
CTS Daily Summary R 5 per day* CTS R 5 per sms** QUAL
Overload Notice R 5 per day* OLOAD R 5 per sms** OVER
Rejection Notice R 5 per day* OREJECT R 5 per sms** REJECT
Underload Notice R 5 per day* ULOAD R 5 per sms** UNDER
2hr Delay Notice R 5 per day* WAIT R 5 per sms** DELAY
Mill TAT Notice R 5 per day* TURN R 5 per sms** TAT
BHTCD Notice R 5 per day* BTC R 5 per sms** BHTCD
Delivery Notice R 5 per day* LOAD R 5 per sms** DELIVERY
  *Max of 5 SMS per day   **R50 SMS Bundles  

CTS Daily Summary is only available to growers.

Billing is very simple

  • If you have a contract with a cellular provider, your monthly statement will reflect the billing for in4me2.

  • If you have a prepaid cellular phone, the system deducts the amount, depending on the service chosen, directly from your available account. If by any chance you have insufficient funds, you will be notified.

Follow these steps to activate

Choose the product
& note SMS Code
Type SMS code &
grower code into SMS
Input number
43066 to phone
Send message