How can in4me2 on PC help me?

Historically, there have not been many ways in which you as a grower or haulier can view information related to your deliveries. The information currently provided via email or web does not give you much and can be very expensive. What you do get is almost always a day late and most of what you get is not useful to you.

To make matters worse you have to process the data yourself in order to view the information you need, and even generating the report you want is not always possible and can be very costly if the report needs to be customised for you.

Why has in4me2 on PC been developed?

Everything you need can now be found in one place. This service gives you access to your information ranging from live to annual, from averages to per delivery.

What does this mean to you?

  • You only need in4me2 on PC to get all the information you need

  • You get to customize what information you want to see

  • If you have internet access, you will know what is happening

  • It is extremely cost effective

It gets easier

Why not have reports sent to your email, saving you even more time? in4me2 on PC can do just that, send you the reports you want at the time you want them, e.g. 5 minutes before your weekly morning meeting.

One stop shop
The in4me2 on PC service gives easy access to the reports you need to keep your eyes on, both the web and email.