What can you get?

What information is available to you?

In4me2 on PC is designed for both growers and hauliers and to compliment the in4me2 on SMS for those who need information to manage better and more easily.
Information relating to LIMS, CTS and FREDD* is available, which means you can access your:

  • Load information including: payload, underload, overload and load rejection status

  • Cane qualities including: tonnes cane, RV, Pol, Fibre, Moisture and Non-Pol test/non-test status

  • Efficiency information including mill turnaround times, mill stops**

  • FREDD information including: trip details, truck breakdowns, cutting group based information

*FREDD data is only available at mills that operate FREDD Scheduling
**Mill stops data is only available for THS Amatikulu, THS Darnall, TSB Malelane

How can you access or receive your information?

You can access your information via the web or have the information sent to you via email automatically. You choose; it is totally up to you.

Web access has the additional advantage of downloading to Excel or exporting to PDF, which is great for when you want to use the information for something further.

In what ways can you view your information?

in4me2 on PC will display your information using both tables and graphs to make viewing your information as easy as possible.

A powerful feature of in4me2 on PC is the ability to view your information in benchmark mode to compare your operations against each other. This helps to see which operations need your attention most.

In time series mode you see if your operations are getting better or worse. You can view your information LIVE (i.e. as events occur) or you can summarise daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

A few examples are shown below which have been selected from literally hundreds of reports available to you. If these reports do not quite suit your needs, please send us an email or call us to discuss what you require and we will do our best to have it available to you within 7 days.*

*New report requests will be at the sole discretion of the in4me2 management.

Example 1: Monthly Loading Performance Report
Example 2: Weekly Tonnes, RV & Fibre Report
Example 3: Daily Trip Performance Report (FREDD Only)
Example 4: Live Delivery Report